Composition of stainless steel grades within systems.

All tube work on non-premium parts is 409 grade stainless steel. Tube work on premium systems is of 201 grade stainless steel.

Flanges on front pipes (Head Pipes) are made of mild steel and are either 8mm (5/16in.) or 10mm (3/8in.) thick. Where loose flanges are employed, these are zinc plated with (yellow/gold) color.

Silencer (muffler) bodies are of 0.7mm (22SWG) or 1.2mm (18SWG) 304 bright annealed stainless steel. Baffles (End Caps) which are the ends of the Silencers (Mufflers) are of 1.2mm (18SWG) 304 stainless steel. The use of either 0.7mm or 1.2mm for the outer casing is determined by the design of the silencer which is dependent to the vehicle application.

Perforate tubes within the silencers are either 304 grade or 409 grade stainless steel. This is dependent on whether the system is a "premium" or "non-premium" stainless steel system.

All polished trims or tail pipes are 201 grade stainless steel.

All brackets are either 2mm (14SWG) or 3mm (10SWG)

All set screws that are welded to brackets are stainless steel

Welded joints are either MIG or TIG welded.

Filler wire introduced to all joints is a NIOBIUM STABILIZED MATERIAL which will not corrode and gives properties equal to, or surpasses the original specifications of both types of stainless steel.