Different kinds of Stainless Steel

First, what is Stainless Steel?
Stainless Steel is a metal that does not easily rust, corrode, or stain. Stainless Steel is used in harsh environments where rust is common due to moisture. For this reason Stainless Steel is used on exhaust systems, metal trim, and other applications where the part or parts are constantly exposed to harsh wet climates.

There are several types of Stainless Steel. The most commonly used are "409" and "304" grades which is what we use on our systems.

409 Stainless Steel is a Ferritic steel. It offers both high-temperature and corrosion resistant properties. It is resistant to exhaust gasses and atmospheric corrosion. Grade 409 Steel has a heat ranges from 675°C continuous all the way up to 815°C under short intermittent conditions.