Jaguar Daimler 2.5 V8


Old Part Numbers: BSSJR012

Jaguar Daimler 2.5 V8

Jaguar Daimler 2.5 V8


Old Part Numbers: BSSJR012


Product Details

Fits Daimler 2.5 ltr V8 / 250

Complete Stainless Steel Bell Exhaust System.

High quality Stainless Steel Exhaust System with a perfect fit and a Life Time warranty.

Every Bell Exhaust System is constructed from .304 grade Stainless Steel and the pipes are made from .409 grade to give superior finish and Life Long durability. End Resonator tip or Tailpipe polished to a high glossy standard.

This kit is available by Special Order Only. Please contact us for details

This is a 7 pc. kit for the Daimler 2.5 liter V8.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 1 - BSJR72 - Front Pipe (Right)
  • 1 - BSJR73 - Front Pipe (Left)
  • 1 - BSJR74 - Front "H" Pipe
  • 2 - BSJR82 - Front Extension Pipes
  • 1 - BSJR92 - Rear Box and Polished Tail Pipe (Right)
  • 1 - BSJR93 - Rear Box and Polished Tail Pipe (Left)

You may also need some of the following items to fit your exhaust system.

2x EBC9388A - Gasket Exhaust Manifold to front down pipe.
2x C18401 - Flange fitting front down pipe to manifold.
6x SSBC4347 - Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe Clamps
2x 1 3/8 - 35mm - Clamps "H" Pipe. Not available at present.
2x JLM9542 - Exhaust Mounting Rubber.
6x C8397X - Exhaust Mounting Rubber.

See listing below.